We are offering concealed carry classes.
Please contact Bill Gneimi for more information
at (318) 614-1824.

RUSTON GUN CLUB, INC. was formed in 1978 by a group of men who realized the need for a place for people to learn to shoot and to hone their skills. Principal among these men was the founder of Ruston Gun Club, Inc., Howard Ulmer, who provided the land on which the ranges now sit and has worked diligently throughout the last 30 years to introduce new shooters to the sport, teach the elemental concepts of safe gun handling, and to promote all of the shooting sports. Since 1978 the Club has expanded its original facilities to include a covered benchrest area, 100, 200, 300 and 525 yard rifle range, a skeet range, covered freestyle rifle area and a 50 yard multi use pistol range. A wide range of target systems are available including both steel as well as traditional paper. Ruston Gun Club, Inc. now functions as a non-profit corporation. It continues the tradition of education and public service which has characterized the activities of Ruston Gun Club, Inc. from its inception.