About Us

About Us

Who and How:

In 1978 several men formed a small nonprofit corporation named Ruston Gun Club to provide its membership a place to shoot. It began humbly in a creekbottom on property of Howard Ulmer, one of the founding members. Other facilities were added including a trap range, covered benchrest shooting positions and pistol range.

After years of operation as a shooting range and the changes in our society the need to become more than simply a place to shoot caused Ruston Gun Club to undergo a fundamental shift in its focus and function from a shooting range to a destination for education as well as recreation. In 1998 four of the people who had involved with the formation of Ruston Gun Club, Howard Ulmer, Peggy Ulmer and others, met to discuss the future. Everyone at that meeting agreed to two key points, one, that Ruston Gun Club would not be allowed to cease to exist and, two, that Ruston Gun Club would become a school. From a decision to become a school Ruston Gun Club has transformed itself into the premier training destination in North Louisiana and South Arkansas.

The first educational offering was the new state wide concealed handgun permit beginning with a ladies only class and one instructor. Ruston Gun Club now has a staff of NRA Certified Concealed Handgun Permit instructors available to provide regularly scheduled monthly, small group and tutorial instruction for concealed handgun permit training. In addition, a full range of NRA courses are available together with signature courses for Long Range Riflery, Practical Rifle and Practical Shotgun to provide its clients with the knowledge, skills and attitude to go confidently into the world.

With the transformation from a small provincial gun club with thirty members to Ruston Gun Club all aspects of the club have improved and advanced with Ruston Gun Club membership now grown to 75 dedicated members with access to the finest shooting and training facilities available. Ruston Gun Club is now not just a shooting school but a training and educational facility for all aspects of American spirit exemplified by proficiency with firearms.

Ruston Gun Club is the culmination of a dream of a few visionaries. Two women, through their vision and dedication, have made Ruston Gun Club a reality. Peggy Ulmer, on whose property Ruston Gun Club began in 1978, saw the need and made their property a part of the future that is Ruston Gun Club. Chris King, on whose Ruston Gun Club has now expanded, placed her property in trust for the benefit of all as an educational and recreational property on which Ruston Gun Club will exist for the benefit of future generations.