Women's Hunter Preparation

Tuition: $150.00
Total ammunition required: 100 rounds
Prerequisite: basic rifle course or equivalent qualification (contact instructor prior to registration)
Time: 8:30-3:00
Date: TBA

Description: This class is designed to develop confidence and competence in the use and handling of a hunting rifle. The critical element is to have an accurate rifle and to be thoroughly familiar with that rifle. You will become familiar with the functions of your rifle and will understand at what range you can accurately make hits. In the class the student determines the accuracy potential of his hunting rifle at a baseline 100 yards, then transition to 200 and 300 yards through benchrest shooting. You will have the opportunity to test the benchrest accuracy of your hunting rifle in field conditions. Equipment: Any hunting rifle equipped with iron or optical sights. Hunting attire and all ancillary gear expected to be carried on the hunt such as day packs, range fingers, binoculars etc should be brought to simulate actual field conditions under which you will be hunting.

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