A Day at the Range

Tuition: $50.00
Total ammunition required: your choice no tracer, AP, or 50BMG
Prerequisite: : Open to the general public

Description: A Day at the Range. The skills at arms learned are a perishable commodity and all are very busy with our lives today. Sometimes it is good to just take a day and devote it to honing those skills at arms, enjoying the company of like minded individuals and exercising not only one’s mind and muscles but also our innate freedom to exercise our rights. Now you have the opportunity to, take your time and perfect your technique or try some new ones with an instructor. The choice of firearm is yours, the choice of practice is yours, the range is yours for one day. Prerequisite: YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT. SEE INSTRUCTIONS ON REGISTRATION PAGE. Equipment: Whatever you want to work with. Curriculum: Whatever you want to work on. Ammunition should include whatever quantity you desire to bring, as always additional ammunition will equal greater training opportunities.

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