Class 150 Advanced Concealed Carry

Tuition: $150.00
Total ammunition required: 250 rounds
Prerequisite: issued concealed carry permit
Time: 8:30-4:00

Description: This class is geared toward the individual who has already secured a concealed carry permit and desires to continue training in the judicious use of force against a single and multiple opponents. Elements of the draw, engagement of opponents at distances ranging from arm length out to twenty five yards, movement while engaged with an opponent, malfunction, ammunition management and engagement of multiple opponents are explored in depth. Shoot no shoot scenarios hone the skills of knowing when and when not to engage. The firearm which is customarily used for concealed carry with a secure carry system should be used. All drills are conducted from the chosen carry system and utilize the draw and presentation, voice commands and hand control gestures. Completion of this course together with the concealed carry permit course provides the training and practice equal to the completion of the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course