Women Only

At Ruston Gun Club we value women shooters and what women can bring to the shooting sports. We also recognize that women learn differently than men. We strive to provide a fun adventerous approach to firearms training. We engage in more off a show and do approach in giving instruction rather than dispensing alot of technical this and that.
We have been told on good authority that there may be a preference among the female gender to have classes with other women rather than a mixed class. Makes sense to us, so we offer a few of our more popular classes for women only. These are but a few of the classes we offer at Ruston Gun Club and at anytime we have a request from a group of women to put on any one of our other classes we will happy to accomodate them. Please contact us if you have such a request.

The following classes are available and scheduled for 2011. Registration must be completed by everyone wanting to participate, classes have a limited enrollment.


Women's Shooting 101

Women's Basic Pistol

Women's Concealed Carry Permit

Women's Hunter Prep